Juniper is a boutique, membership-based primary care practice designed to serve busy women in Houston, TX

Juniper was founded by Dr. Singh after she saw that patients were craving a different experience with their PCP.

Patients were tired of waiting weeks to see their doctor and then spending less than 15 minutes with them. They were tired of feeling like each issue required a separate office visit, even when it could have been handled by phone/text. They were shocked that no one could tell them how much labs/imaging would cost until after they were done. They were disappointed at how quickly their doctors jumped to medication as they only solution for their ailments. They were frustrated when doctors seemed to brush off their concerns without truly listening. They were unnerved by the process of navigating their way through this broken system of low-value, high-cost care.

Our Roots |

She realized that direct primary care (DPC) was the best way to provide the care patients deserve.

DPC is more than a model of delivering healthcare - it is a movement driven by some of the best and brightest PCPs in the country towards cutting out all the middlemen and putting the patient-doctor relationship first.

By using a membership model, DPC doctors can do away with coders, billers, administrators and all the other red tape and check boxes that come with insurance contracts, and focus solely on providing truly unrushed, personalized, proactive care for their patients.

At Juniper, members pay a flat monthly fee which covers their office visits, virtual visits, 24/7 access to their doctor via phone/text, prescription management, and coordination of care with specialists.. They also have access to discounted cash pricing on labs and imaging. 

At Juniper, your doctor works directly for YOU, not a healthcare organization or insurance company. Your health is our highest priority.

Our Model |
Crafting an Elevated experience

Our MIssion

To make healthcare feel like self-care, not just “sick care.” To transform the experience of visiting a doctor from one that is frustrating, inefficient and dehumanizing into one that is positive, hassle-free and 


What Makes Juniper Different?

Our Values |
Less Hassle, More Humanity


We see you at your appointment time. We know you’re busy and your time is just as valuable as ours. We also believe you should know the cost of any tests or services up front and every dollar you spend should add value, rather than line the pockets of insurance execs and administrators. 


We Get To Know You


We Meet You Where You Are


We Make It Easy

We Respect Your Time & Money

You’re not just a number at Juniper. Evaluating someone’s health requires seeing the big picture, so we want to get to know you. Like what-are-your-pets-names and what-is-your-relationship-with-your-mother-like get to know you. Trust us - it's all relevant.

Whether you haven’t seen a doctor in 10 years or you saw 5 within the past month, we're happy to see you. Whether you’re terrified by the idea of taking prescription meds, or you’ve got a list a mile long, we will work to meet your goals in the ways that align with your preferences. No judgment. 

We know the urge to schedule an appointment with your doctor somehow always strikes after 5pm, so we allow online, hassle-free scheduling and enrollment. As a member, you can also call, text, email your doctor anytime. AND we actually call/text/email you back. How about that?


We Think Outside the Box

Jumping to prescription medication or referrals to specialists without first thoroughly evaluating a patient and discussing options for treatment is far too common. We call this “knee-jerk medicine” and it is the opposite of what we aim to do. We take the time to explore and implement creative and effective solutions to find what works for you.. 

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We know you've been putting it off. We know your needs come last (after everyone else in the family including the dog), but it's time to prioritize & invest in your health. Is there anything more valuable?

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