Do you accept insurance? Are you considered “in network”?

No. We believe the insurance-based system leads to rushed, low quality, reactionary primary care. Patients deserve better. We believe in cutting out all the middlemen and working directly for our patients in a model that incentivizes keeping patients healthy & happy by providing truly proactive, unrushed, personalized care. We make our decisions based on what is best for the patient, not what brings in the highest insurance reimbursement. Read more about how we got here in our About section. 

I’ve never heard of paying a monthly membership for a doctor. Why would I consider this?

Membership may seem intimidating or unnecessary to you, especially if you are generally healthy and are use to seeing a doctor once a year. The truth is this - meaningful improvement in health doesn’t happen in a cookie-cutter 15-minute annual physical once a year. It requires consistency, support and accountability. Membership makes this easy. We encourage patients to think of joining Juniper like joining a gym – it is an investment in your long-term health and you can use it as little or as often as you choose.

Membership gives you an elevated primary care experience and the peace of mind that comes with having direct access to a highly qualified physician anytime you need. This is not a nurse line providing generic advice or a teledoc who knows nothing about you – this is your doctor who is always a call/text/email away. 

Lastly, the limited membership model allows your doctor to focus on providing the best care possible to a smaller group of patients than in any traditional practice. This means longer appointments, little to no wait time, better coordination with specialists and same or next-day availability.

You can read more about the benefits of membership and the services covered here.

So is this a concierge practice?

Although we provide a concierge level of care, Juniper is technically a direct primary care (DPC) practice, rather than a traditional concierge practice. The primary difference between these two models is that concierge practices still bill your insurance and collect copays in addition to their "retainer" or membership fee. Concierge practices are generally not an option for patients who are between insurances or under-insured, while DPCs are open to all. Concierge fees are typically paid annually rather than month-to-month.

But I have "good" insurance. Should I still join Juniper?

Yes! Do you have your doctor's cell phone number? Are you able to get an appointment when you need one? Do they see you on time? Do they spend more than 15 minutes with you? Can you text them if you have a follow-up question? Does their office return calls? Can they tell you the prices of the tests they order? Have you ever gotten a bill for something you thought was covered? You get the idea. Juniper provides you with quality, access, convenience & transparency that insurance-based primary care simply can't provide.

But won't all the extra costs be really expensive? My insurance covers my "annual" labs for free.

When you cut out all the waste and middlemen, primary care costs much less than you might think. If you have insurance, prescriptions will still be covered according to your insurance plan. (If you don't have insurance, we will help you find the best price for your medications.) Although labs and imaging are not included in membership, they are provided as discounted cash prices which are dramatically cheaper than rates health care systems negotiate with your insurance. Here are a few examples:

Office Visit

Virtual Visit

Chest x-ray



Neck MRI



Basic Labs*



~25% Co-PAY + Surprise Bill** + 3-5 day Delay

$25 Co-Pay

$25 co-pay + Surprise Bill**







No Insurance

With Insurance

With Juniper

*Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Hemoglobin A1c & Lipid Panel

**Surprise bill = a cost that neither your doctor nor your insurance can provide you beforehand and which you will receive in the mail ~2 months after the service, may include denied services, miscoded services, facility fees, radiology/pathology fees and other miscellaneous charges 

But I'm "healthy" and I don't need to see my doctor often. Should I still join Juniper? Can I just see you once?

Even if you haven't been diagnosed with any serious medical issues, almost all of us have things we want to improve about our health. (Or maybe your doctor has told you you're disease-free but you still don't feel healthy.) The reality is that meaningful improvements in health don't happen in a cookie-cutter, 15-minute annual physical or even a one-time consultation - they require unrushed, personalized care and consistent follow-up. Our membership model is designed to foster long-term health & a comfortable, trusting relationship between you and your doctor. Dr.. Singh's background in nutrition and emphasis on improving health through lifestyle changes & healthy habits is a great fit for those who want to be proactive rather than reactive about their health.

Currently, we do not offer non-member consultations/visits, however membership does not require any long-term commitment and can be terminated with 30-days. notice if you feel your healthcare needs have been met and you do not need ongoing care.

If I join Juniper, do I still need insurance?

Juniper does NOT replace your health insurance. Although we see patients regardless of their insurance status, we strongly recommend you maintain your coverage in order to cover larger medical expenses that our outside of the scope of primary care (surgeries, hospitalizations, specialist care, etc.). Your insurance can also help cover your prescription medications.

Can I still use my insurance for my prescriptions?

Yes. If you do not have insurance, we will help you find the best price and any applicable discount cards.

Do you do pap smears?

Currently we do not, however we hope to offer  routine pap smears in the future. For now, we recommend maintaining a relationship with an Ob/gyn for your obstetric and gynecologic care.

Is Juniper only for women?

Juniper was designed by a busy woman with busy women in mind, however we are happy to see patients of all genders. One of the most common questions good PCPs get from female patients is "Can you see my husband?" and we would love to!

Where is your clinic located?

Is there any long-term commitment?

No. You can cancel your membership at anytime with 30-day notice. We do offer to waive our enrollment fee for patients who are able to commit to a 1-year membership. 

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us or schedule a free Meet & Greet with Dr. Singh to learn more about Juniper.