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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make with their Health

September 22, 2022

Sonia Singh MD
I'm a primary care doctor who is passionate about food, writing and making healthcare less frustrating and more empowering. These are my musings. Thanks for reading!

Are you making any of these?

  1. Using your Ob/Gyn as your PCP.

My Ob/Gyn colleagues are phenomenal, and they do their best to take care of it all, but the reality is that there is A LOT to cover already in your well woman exam. Women’s health is so much more than your reproductive health and your Gyn will be ECSTATIC when you find a dedicated PCP to help track and manage your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, sleep, stress, diet and the occasional ache/pain/headache/sinus infection/rash, etc.

2. Overspending on tests & supplements.

Your health is definitely worth investing in, but I see too many women falling prey to slick marketing on products that are FAR from proven and sometimes even harmful.

With the explosion of Instagram clickbait for “wellness” products like supplements and fertility/food sensitivity/microbiome tests, it’s even more important to have an open-minded but evidence-based PCP to help you determine what is worth your money, time & energy.

If you’re part of a direct care practice like Juniper, your PCP can even help guide you to better priced options for tests you actually need as well as help you avoid unnecessary specialist visits.

3. Putting yourself last.

Many busy women are juggling work, motherhood, relationships, & household demands. I see them scheduling appointments and planning meals/exercise/activities for everyone else in the house (including the dog) while skipping their own mammograms, eating scraps off their kids plates, feeling chronically fatigued and telling themselves the PT or therapy they need is too much of a “splurge.”

We must start prioritizing ourselves. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

The traditional healthcare system doesn’t make this any easier – it’s often a hassle to find a doctor you like & actually get an appointment when you need one. At Juniper we do everything possible to make primary care a smoother experience for our patients and to tackle all three of these common mistakes.

Check out our “About” section to learn more about our model and what makes us different.

be well,
Sonia Singh MD

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