Sonia Singh MD
I'm a primary care doctor who is passionate about food, writing and making healthcare less frustrating and more empowering. These are my musings. Thanks for reading!

I’ve met so many people who tell me they’ve literally NEVER had a good experience going to the doctor. Of course, as a PCP, this makes me sad to hear but it is no surprise. I admit it, seeing us generally sucks. So WHY is this the case? Are doctors just greedy, socially inept, burned […]

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Are you making any of these? Using your Ob/Gyn as your PCP. My Ob/Gyn colleagues are phenomenal, and they do their best to take care of it all, but the reality is that there is A LOT to cover already in your well woman exam. Women’s health is so much more than your reproductive health […]

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Did you know almost 50% of adults have #hypertension? It’s one of the most common diagnoses I see in #primarycare & many patients have NO idea they have it because it can cause NO symptoms, but it ⬆️s your risk of heart attacks, strokes & kidney failure. These readings are from a lovely patient that established w/ me […]

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Do I really need a primary care doctor? I hear this question constantly from friends, family and sometimes even other doctors. These are their two most common excuses:  “I’m healthy. I haven’t had to see a doctor in years!” So have you had your cholesterol checked? Do you know what your blood pressure runs? Are […]

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Most important thing your doctor can do for you: listen. In a 2018 study, researchers found that the median length of time a patient could speak before their doctor interrupted was 11 seconds. You read that right, SECONDS not minutes. Having been a PCP in a busy clinic this doesn’t surprise me – docs want […]

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Let’s discuss the elephant in room. The first question every patient asks when they hear I’m going solo is “Will you be accepting my insurance?” I get it. You pay $$$ every month for health insurance, and you want to use it. I hear you. In fact, as someone who trained in a highly academic […]

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May 3, 2020 is the day that changed the entire trajectory of my career as a physician. It is the day my son, Remi, was born. Being the geek that I am, I attempted to “study” for motherhood like it was a board exam. Rookie mistake… As anyone who’s been there will tell you, NOTHING […]

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